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Wow Information for Mustard Oil



Mustard oil is made from the Mustard plant, the seeds of such plant are pressed to produce the oil (mustard oil). Mustard oil is very popular in the Indian subcontinent, especially in the eastern parts of India and Bangladesh.

In India and Bangladesh, mustard oil is used as edible oil and considered to be very healthy, whereas, in the rest of the world it is considered to be toxic and not suitable for edible purposes.

Did you know, Mustard oil is actually banned for cooking uses by the FDA. Reason being the ingredient it contains called erucic acid that has been the caused of heart problems. Erucic acid is in the fatty acid family which is not well metabolized. It is known to be contaminated.

However, FDA does allow an alternate oil to use instead of mustard oil called mustard essential oil to use for cooking purposes.

Being derived from…

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Love Dragon Fruits



dragon fruit and health benefits

Who knew that there is a bright pink fruit like an explosion of flame which has an appearance of a pink rosebud – Dragon Fruit. This fruit belongs to the cactus family. It’s called Pitaya in Hindi.

It has other names as well – dragon pearl fruit, cactus fruits, pitaya. Dragon fruit is a tropical delicious fruit that can do a lot for your health. Dragon fruits benefits include anti-aging, immune system boosting, much more.

It is said, eat dragon fruit as it is. You just need to do is peal the outer and then slice the inner flesh as you like or you can use a spoon to even scoop it out.

So while dragons may not be real, but dragon fruit is certainly is.

Let’s take a look at its benefits.


  1. Low in Cholesterol–Dragon fruit is tedious in Cholesterol. Regular consumption…

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Tzaro Men’s Leather Driving Shoes Experience

Very Nice Information Must read



Well, I have to travel a lot as I have a passion for driving and thankfully my job is of outdoor sales. My daily schedule includes a minimum of 4-5 hours of driving around the city. Apart from frustration at jammed roads and long halts at red lights. I used to get miffed about the discomfort I had to face because of the shoes I used to wear. Earlier this problem wasn’t big enough but later it turned in to an unbearable discomfort. My feet started swelling and the sweat in the peak summer used to take the discomfort a whole new level. I earlier thought that it was probably because of a long day driving.

One day this problem took over my nerves and I decided to find a permanent solution to this issue. I am internet savvy too and I decided to check out the internet for a…

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